Permanent Hair Straigtnening, Smoothening and Rebonding Melbourne

Getting an arch shape is as important as maintaining it.
We recommend getting your threading done every 2-3 weeks to maintain the perfect shape of your eyebrows.

Is threading preferred over waxing?

At our parlour we prefer threading as it prevents any irritation or peeling of skin layer. Come and experience the magic of our light handed beautician doing your threading. You will be amazed how good it is.

Our rebonding prices are very reasonable. If you are looking for Loreal or Matrix permanent hair straightening, we offer at our Salon

Permanent Hair Straigtnening and Rebonding.


If you want your hair to reflect the perfect straight look, full of shine and lustre, then transform your hair in a day! Rebonding is chemically treating your hair which revamps your look completely, making heads turn.


We use the top-quality products and it is an expensive process. We do not want to dilly-dally with your looks. Every hair has a natural bond and depending on your hair type, length, we use only top-quality products and offer proficient hair straightening and smoothing services.


We offer you nuggets of wisdom for post treatment care.


Permanent Hair Straightening of Client


We use Professional hair straigtner and rebonding cream

The straightening iron, the hot combs and the other hair straightening devices, chemicals, serums, neutralizers that we use are of top-quality brands.


We ensure your safety as we know your hair is precious and we will not settle on anything but the best for you! 


Hair Straightening for our valued client


Pre Preparation Steps

Before straightening your hair, you need to rinse it with a moisturizing, non tripping shampoo, and then apply a conditioner of top brand to nurture your hair. A deep conditioner acting as the layer on top of your already conditioned hair can work wonders! 


The bonding method where your hair is stretched without resorting to heating or blow-drying, helps in keeping it dry, stretched out and just apt for carrying out straightening.


Popular Permanent Hair Straightening of Client


More satisfied client results



With large number of clients providing postive feedback and great results, we have expanded our range of Permanent hair straightening products to include Loreal & Matrix hair products.


Below are few more examples of results achieved:


Before Hair Straigtening:


Before Hair Straightening



After Hair Straightening:


After hair straightening

Hair Straightening Process


Step 1:- The process of rebonding begins with a hair wash using hair straightening shampoo and then a blow-drier is used to dry it


Step 2:- The strands of the hair are separated neatly. Hair straigtening is applied throughout by moving from one section of head to the other.


Step 3:- Depending on the natural bond of the hair or the hair texture, the cream softener is going to be kept and usually it is 30 to 45 minutes. Then the hair is steamed for 15 to 30 minutes depending on the condition of the hair. Thereafter, it is properly cleansed.


Step 4:- The hair is blow-dried and lotion is applied on the hair shafts

A falt iron is used to smooth any frizz or slight curls and ceramic iron is the preferred choice for us. We will do the ironing till your hair looks absolutely gorgeous, shiny and vivacious



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Our Client's Speak


Thanks Nilu! You are simply great. I am happy to get my beauty treatment done from you. It's very convenient and friendly atmosphere - Shibani.



Hi Nilu! I am amazed how you do threading. It's absolutely pain free and easy. Great Service - Rinki.



Hello Nilu. I still remember the first time I came to get my eyebrows and upper lips done. It was late evening and still you got it done. I am happy to get a friend & beautician like you - Anita.